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​​​This webpage is dedicated to preserving and sharing Strickert Family genealogical information.  In particular the site focuses on the family of Johann Strickert and Christine Feuerhak and their origins in Weggun, Brandenburg, Germany.  See "STRICKERT GERMAN HOME" link above for learn about Weggun. 

            [New: Wichmannsdorf churc​h records--- see link above].   

Johann and Christine immigrated to Logan Township, Perth, Ontario, Canada in 1856 along with five sons (Johann, Karl, Friedrich, Christian, and Wilhelm) and also a daughter (Christine Wilhelmine Strickert Hoppenrath ) who immigrated to Chicago.  Karl and Friedrich later settled in Scott City, Kansas.    For the various branches of the Strickert family follow the "Strickert Family Tree"  link above.  Other trees follow related names Feuerhak, Hoppenrath, Neumann, Rook, Schulz, Gudenschwager, Nehls.

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