Family Tree of Christina Feuerhak of Wichmannsdorf (wife of Johann Strickert)

Feuerhak Family in Wichmannsdorf

Note: Christine Feuerhak who married Johann Strickert was born in Wichmannsdorf on Jan.  27, 1800. The following names of church records from 1853-1874 may well include many names of brothers and sisters, nieces, nephews, and cousins. 

NOTE-- this page was put together in 2000.  Please see 'Corrections & Additions for Christina FEUERHAK'S family tree based on all WICHMANNSDORF CHURCH records 1862 - 1874

( 23 July 2021)

See the additional page "Martin Feuerhak" for scan of 1786 Feuerhak-Heise marriage of Christine's parents.

Dorothee Elizabeth Heise 
      Born 12-29-1764
      Married Mr. Feuerhak 
      Died on 6-19-53 at age of 88 years 6 months 22 days 

Dorthea Sophee Nedorn 
      Born 12-23-1791 
      Married Mr. Feuerhak
      Died on 8-19-1874 at age of 82 years, 9 months, 25 days. 

Martin Feuerhak
      Born 11-11-1773
      Died 9-25-1860 at age of 86 years, 10 months, 14 days 

Martin Feuerhak 
      Born 12-29-1791 
      Died 2-6-1869 at age of 77 years, 1 month, 8 days 

           Son Christian Feuerhak
                      Born 1818 

                          Married Marie Christine Wilhelmine Kassube on 2-24-1853 (known as Wilhelmine) 
                                   Born 1834 

                                            Twin sons, both named Christian Feuerhak
                                                     Born 1-24-1854/ died 1-25-1854 

                                            Daughter Wilhelmine Marie August Feuerhak 
                                                    Born 8-11-1855 
                                                    14 baptismal witnesses

                                           daughter Friedericke Ernestine Dorothee Feuerhak
                                                      born 4-28-57 

                                           son Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Feuerhak
                                                     born 1-17-1859 

                                          son Carl Herman Wilhelm Feuerhak
                                                     born 5-31-1860 
                                                     died 6-17-1860 

                                         son Wilhelm Albert Gustav Feuerhak
                                                     born 1-12-1864 

Johann Feuerhak
      Born 2-25-1790 

              Married Emilie 
       Died 9-2-1857 at age of 67 years, 6 months, 8 days
                                           Assumption that the Johann Feuerhak who died in 1857 is same as Johann Feuerhak        
                                           whose two daughters married in next two months.

Daughter Wilhelmine Albertine Feuerhak
        Born 1835 
             Married Carl Wilhelm Desmarets on 10-22-1857
                       born 1831

                            Daughter Dorothea Sophia Feuerhak
                                   born 1833 
                                         married Ludwig Friederick Wilhelm Klahn on 11-6-1857 
                                                  born 1833 
                                                  his father was Ludwig Klahn 1798-1871

                                                      daughter Emilie Albertine Dorothea Klahn 
                                                               born 10-31-1858 

                                                     daughter Emilie Marie Auguste Klahn
                                                               born 9-28-1859

                                                     son Herman Ludwig Wilhelm Klahn
                                                               born 11-7-1863 

                                                     twin son Johannes Wilhelm Paul Klahn 
                                                               born 6-23-1868 
                                                              died 7-7-1868
                                                    twin son Wilhelm Albert Johannes 
                                                               born 6-23-1868 
                                                               died 6-19-1869 

                                                   daughter Anna Agnes Auguste Klahn
                                                               born 3-11-1870 
                                                              died 3-30-1873 

                                                   Daughter Friedericke Feuerhak 
                                                              born 1828 
                                                                  married Christian Friedrich Ernst Prutz
                                                                        born 1824 in Broddin 

                                                                           son Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Feuerhak, 
                                                                               “Lapsus” at marriage 
                                                                               born 11-19-1851 
                                                                                   married to Auguste Wilhelmine Caroline Behm on 12-10-1874,
                                                                                          age 22, “deflorata” 

                                                                                              Son Christian Friedrich Feuerhak
                                                                                                   born 8-12-1830
                                                                                                   died 12-27-72 at age 42
                                                                                                         married Charlotte Wilhelmine Weber on 11-24-1864
                                                                                                              born 1839 

                                                                                                                    son Wilhelm Hermann Christian Feuerhak
                                                                                                                         born 9-20-1865 

                                                                                                                    daughter Auguste Bertha Wilhelmine Feuerhak
                                                                                                                          born 3-13-1870 

Johann Feuerhak
                Married Wilhelmine Friederike geboren Feuerhak 

                        Son Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Feuerhak 
                                Born Dec. 1852 
                                Died 3-17-1853

                       Son Carl August Friedrich Feuerhak 
                                Born 1-5-1854 

                       Daughter Wilhelmine Albertine Dorothea Feuerhak 
                                Born 1-17-1857 
                                Died 3-30-1858

                       Daughter Albertine Friedericke Emilie Feuerhak
                                Born 3-2-1859 

                       Daughter Emilie Dorothea Augustine Feuerhak
                                Born 5-31-1862 

                       Daughter Marie Wilhelmine Friedericke Feuerhak
                                Born 4-3-1868 

Johann Feuerhak
                 Married Charlotte Sprung 

                          Son Gustav Adolf Eduard Feuerhak 
                                    Born 11-16-1859 
                                    Died 12-20-1861 

                          Son Ernst Louis Otto Feuerhak
                                    Born 7-26-1862

                          Daughter Emilie Marie Ernestine Feuerhak
                                   Born 5-1-1865 
                                   Died 5-9-1865 

                          Daughter Anna Emilie Elizabeth Feuerhak 
                                   Born 4-19-1868 

                          Daughter Emilie Helene Auguste Feuerhak
                                   Born 8-1-1873 

Carl Feuerhak 
               Married Christine Sprung

                        Twin Son Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Feuerhak
                                  Born 6-23-1853 

                        Twin Son Carl Feuerhak 
                                  Born 6-23-1853 
                                  Died 6-23-1853 

                        Son August Friedrich Wilhelm Feuerhak
                                  Born 8-8-1856 

                        Son Albert Johann Bernard Feuerhak 
                                  Born 4-12-1857 

                        Daughter Emilie Friedericke Wilhelmine Feuerhak
                                   Born 11-13-1858 
                                   Died 1-5-1862 

                        Daughter Albertine Wilhelmine Auguste Feuerhak
                                   Born 8-21-1861
                                   Died 1-1-1862 

Dorothy Feuerhak
           Married Gottfried Riemer 

                       Son Carl Friedrich Gottfried Riemer
                                 Born 12-10-1853 

                       Son Wilhelm Friedrich Herman Riemer
                                 Born 11-13-1856

                       Son Albert August Riemer
                                 Born 2-9-1859

                       Child born dead 3-11-1861 

Wilhelm Hoppenrath 
             Married Dorothea Feuerhak

                     Daughter Wilhelmine Friede

August Hoppenrath 
         Born 3-3-1854 

Michael Feuerhak 
              Married Fredericke Boecke 

                         Daughter Ernestine Friederike Wilhelmine Feuerhak 
                                     Born 1845 
                                     Married as “Jungfrau” to Carl Ludwig Friedrich Fibiger on 12-2-1870
                                                 Born 1837 in Fursternau 

                                                            Daughter Anna Wilhelmine Fredericke 
                                                                     Born 2-27-1855 
                                                                     Died 4-28-1855

                                                            Son August Carl Martin Feuerhak 
                                                                     Born 11-28-1856

Transcribed from Microfilm by Fred Strickert

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