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Weggun is located about seventy miles north of Berlin in the center of a triangle that includes Prenzlau in the east, Templin in the southwest, and Neubrandenburg in the northwest. Templin is about forty miles straight north of Berlin. If you take the highway from Templin to Prenzlau as the base of the triangle and dissect the base running an imaginary line from its center in a northwest direction toward Neubrandenburg, all the villages are on this line. Wichmannsdorf (birthplace of mother Christina) is closest the highway, then Boitzenburg, then Weggun. A mile west of Weggun is the village of Arnimshain (the birth place of William Friedrich, according to family records). A little further west is Furstenau. Arnimshain and Furstenau are included in the church records of Weggun.

Weggun is part the region of Uckermark, which included both the northern area of Brandenburg and the eastern part of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. It was named after the Uecker River which is a tributary of the Oder (the river which forms the Polish border). The district is characterized by 600 lakes and 2800 km of rivers.